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Ex Rental Sunbeds for Sale £450,fitted with latest 0.3% tanning tubes,90 day warrantry ,delivered free in Cornwall

Ex Rental Sunbed

Electronic Sunbeds

Tansun Amber                 Tansun Capri

Tansun  sunbeds are the every latest in design & technology ,The Amber single sunbed & Capri Double sunbed.

Enhance your tan with a Carrot Sun Accelerator.

Tansun’s new Electronic 10 Tube Amber Canopy comes with  10 minute timers and fast tanning 0.3% tubes, Low energy consumption and a sleek ergonomic design make it perfect for small bedrooms and tanning while relaxing on your own bed. An ultra-modern design which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide the ultimate home foldaway sunbed.

The Tansun Capri has been designed for use at home. Its compact size make it a perfect home tanning solution. The sunbed’s base consists of 9 0.3% tubes , whereas the top canopy contains 10 0.3% tubes , ensuring  an even all over tan. It is fitted as standard with safety timers for a safe tan.

These sunbeds are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the latest relevant British and European standards.

Lower Power Consumption

Max Power Tubes

Best in Class

Elite Sunbeds

Elite Double  Elite SingleElite Double BB

Elite Sunbeds are an ultra modern design, which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide the ultimate home sunbed.    

Curved  to promote an even all over tan and greater comfort

  Appropriate safety timers fitted to conform with current legislation

  Hydraulically assisted lift and lower enables finger tip control

 Acrylic safety screens & fan cooled


About us

 We have over 35 years experience in the sunbed business, & offer a fast & friendly service with reliable delivery,

In addition, full tanning advice and instruction on safe use of our Sunbed equipment is provided upon delivery,

Sunny Days Sunbeds acknowledge both the risks and benefits from Sunbed use,

& encourage our clients to use Sunbed equipment as a balanced part of their tanning & beauty regime,

All Sunbeds are cleaned, serviced and electrically tested,we use UVI & Infrared Temperature Sensors to maintain our tanning tubes.

Sunbeds are fitted with 0.3%  Ruva tanning tubes for a  professional tan in the comfort of your own home,

Our Sunbeds are fitted with Twin Timers as per Health & Safety Regulations, Goggles supplied free.


Tan Accelerators

Carrot Sun Poster

Carrot Sun products are fast-acting tan accelerators that develop a deeply rich, golden tan.

 They can be used on a sunbed in the sun, and over SPF lotion.

 Indulge in one of our luxuriously moisturising, heavenly scented products, and find out why Carrot Sun is the top tanning spray.

Carrot Sun products can be ordered separately.

Tropical Fruit 200ml Spray Oil only £15 

Carrot Acc Tropical Fruit tan accelerating oil contains the natural tan accelerators L-Tyrosine and carrot oil which stimulate and support the skin's natural tanning process by giving it      what it needs as it's exposed to sunlight or a sunbed. If you love fruity scents, this is the Oil of choice!

Wonderfully moisturising and gives beautiful golden results, this Oil also contains henna, which enhances your colour and prolongs your tan. It comes in an easy-application spray bottle for added convenience.

 Skin Type: All

 Benefits for Skin: Carrot oil contains carotene antioxidants, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have moisturising and cell-regenerative properties


Coconut 200ml Spray Oil only £15

Carrot AccCoconut tan accelerating spray is one of our gentler accelerators that works well for fair and sensitive skin, and helps to develop a base tan if you have not been in the sun for a while.

 But just because it is gentle does not mean that it won't get you dark! If used for a prolonged period it will get you quite tanned.

 It contains the natural tan accelerator L-Tyrosine, and coconut oil, which is a wonderful natural moisturiser and works to soothe sensitive skin.

 This spray arouses a sense of the tropics with its sensational coconut aroma.

 Easy to apply with this spray-on bottle.

Skin Type: Sensitive/Dry/Fair

                                              Benefits for Skin: Coconut oil contains a range of antioxidants, and is an excellent moisturiser for the skin.

Papaya 200ml Spray Oil only £15

Carrot AccPapaya tan accelerating oil is great for developing a base tan for all skin types, and excellent for fair skin that tans with difficulty.

 Damaged skin will also benefit from this tan accelerator because it contains papaya oil, which is rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals resulting from UV rays.

Not only does it contain the natural tan accelerator L-Tyrosine to stimulate tanning, but it smells gorgeously fruity and contains henna, which enhances your colour to gold and prolongs the life of your tan.

This comes in a spray-on bottle for easy application.

Skin Type: Fair/Damaged

Benefits for Skin: Papaya oil contains antioxidants papain & carotenoids, and vitamins A, C, & E.

Carrot 200ml Spray Oil only £15

Carrot Spray Carrot tan accelerating oil will get you as tanned as possible and will allow you to get very dark- fast! It is best used on olive skin or on fair skin that already has a base tan. It contains the natural tan accelerators L-Tyrosine and carrot oil which stimulate and support the skin's natural tanning process by giving it what it needs as it needs it when exposed to sunlight or a sunbed. This oil also contains henna, which enhances your colour to a stunning deep golden hue and prolongs the life of your tan. Contains the original Carrot Sun formula, in an easy-to apply spray bottle for fast application.

Skin Type: All

Benefits for Skin: Carrot oil contains carotene antioxidants, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have moisturising and cell-regenerative properties.



Watermelon 200 ml Spray oil only £15

Watermelon*New!* Watermelon tan accelerating spray is the lightest and driest of all our sprays. It is great for all skin types, especially skin that is too dry, too oily, or prone to acne, because the watermelon oil balances the production of oil by the skin. It works to soothe sensitive skin, and nourishes skin due to its richness in B vitamins & fatty acids. It also contains a powerful carotene antioxidant called lycopene which combats free radicals and acts as a natural SPF, hence adding protection to the skin from UV-induced damage and redness.

 Not only does this Oil promote tanning by keeping your skin moisturised and in great condition, but it also contains L-tyrosine to stimulate the production of melanin in the skin, and henna to deepen your tan, enhance its colour, and make your tan last longer. It comes in an easy-application spray bottle for added convenience.

Skin Type:  All/ Oily/ Dry/ Acne-prone/ Sensitive


Tanning Guide

Your Skin Tone


Skin Tone Sunburn Danger Tanning Protection
Red Hair Reddish Hair
Light Coloured Eyes
Very Light Complexion
often with freckles
Extremely sensitive
immediate sunburn
2% of central Europeans
Tans very slowly
 if at all
Natural Protection
5 - 10 minutes
Blond Hair Blond to Brown Hair
Blue, Green or Grey Eyes
Light Complexion
often with freckles
Almost always Sunburn
12% of central Europeans
Light Tan Natural Protection
10 - 20 minutes
Brown Hair Dark Blonde or
Chestnut Hair
Grey or Brown Eyes
Medium Complexion
Very few or No freckles
Normal Sensitivity,
Sometimes Sunburn
78% of central Europeans
Good Tan, provided the skin is exposed to the sun step by step Natural Protection
20 - 30 minutes
Black Hair Dark Brown or Black Hair
Dark coloured Eyes
Brown or Olive Complexion
No Freckles
Very resistant,
seldom sunburn
8% of central Europeans
Always Tans Natural Protection
approx. 45 minutes


* Protection: This is in natural sun, not a powerful Sunbed. Please follow the instructions given to you.


A few extra hints and tips



While it is true that people should not wear any type of products on their skin before tanning, they should moisturize their skin before they begin this process. Moisturizing your skin will help you to receive a better tan. Skin that is moisturized absorbs UV rays with better results. This means that moisturized skin will tan faster and more effectively. People should use a special tanning lotion to moisturize their skin.

You should also keep in mind that once melanin production begins within a person’s body the less exposed areas will naturally darken as well. People should also wear some type of lip protection during the tanning process. A person’s lips doesn't have the ability to produce melanin and the UV light will burn this area causing it severely chap or blister. Lip balm is generally used to block out UV light during the tanning process.

Sunbeds are designed to offer a safe and controlled tanning environment than natural sunlight but, as with exposure to natural sunlight ,UV may pose a risk to certain people. Anyone on the following precautionary list should not be allowed to use a sunbed or should seek medical advice before use.

Please don't sunbathe & sunbed on the same day, the risk of burning is much greater,

Why doesn’t my skin tan equally all over?

The insides of arms & legs do not tan as easily because they contain fewer pigment forming cells than the skin on the rest of the body. The face does not tan as easy because it has a naturally thicker layer - providing special protection from UV-B. Freckles & pigmented moles contain a particularly high amounts of tanning pigments & therefore go darker much more quickly than other areas of the skin.


Do NOT use a Sunbed if you Are/Have:



Aged under 18?
Always burn in natural sunlight?
A medical condition that becomes worse in sunlight?
An excessive amount of moles and/or freckles?
A history of sunburn, particularly from childhood?
Had skin cancer or any member of your immediate family have/had skin cancer?
If you are pregnant, or suspect you are. If having hired a sunbed you establish you may be pregnant stop using the sunbed and consult your GP immediately.

Also, if you are on any medication, check with your GP or pharmacist before using a sunbed as certain drugs make the skin more sensitive to UV light.

  Some medications affected by UV Light:-

  • Many antibiotics list photosensitivity as a common adverse reaction and come with warnings against the use of sunbeds while on antibiotic therapy. Tetracycline antibiotics, such as tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline, cause light sensitivity in some people. Sulfonamide antibiotics, including Bactrim, Septra and other sulfa brands, also increase your risk of sunburn and skin cancer due to increased photosensitivity. You may experience severe sunburns, red rashes and widespread redness due to drug-induced photosensitivity. In severe cases, blisters that resemble sun poison may occur. Photosensitive reactions often occur within 24 hours of combining photosensitive medications with tanning light exposure. If your physician prescribes an antibiotic for you, ask if tanning is safe while you are taking the medicine.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, are commonly used for arthritis, back pain and chronic joint pain associated with autoimmune disorders. NSAIDS treat the pain, stiffness and inflammation from these disorders without the side effects of oral steroids. There are many NSAIDs, but prescription naproxen and piroxicam cause a greater risk of light sensitivity. Naproxen is also sold over the counter under several brand names to treat pain, swelling, menstrual cramps and inflammation. The naproxen sold in stores is a lower strength than prescription naproxen, but you can still have a reaction to ultraviolet light. If prescribed an NSAID, ask your doctor if you can safely use a sunbed.
Cardiac Medications
  • Physicians often treat cardiac conditions with a variety of medications, including blood pressure medicines, diuretics and anti-arrhythmia medicines. Diuretics prescribed under the generic names furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide are often ordered for cardiac conditions, but both medications commonly cause heat sensitivity and photosensitivity to ultraviolet light. Other heart medications that can interfere with tanning are the prescription drugs timolol, amiodarone and quinidine, which are prescribed for arrhythmias and blood pressure control. Talk to your pharmacist about cardiac medications and sun sensitivity. In addition, check the information leaflet that comes with your medicine for photosensitivity warnings.
  • Dermatologists prescribe oral and topical retinoids to treat acne, wrinkles and certain skin disorders. Common retinoids include acitretin, tazarotene and tretinoin-based products. Tretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A and a popular ingredient in most retinoid medications. Tretinoin works by irritating the skin to promote new cell growth, resulting in fewer wrinkles, smoother skin and fewer breakouts. Limit your exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet light while using retinoids, because they increase your chance of severe sunburn and heat rash. Speak to your dermatologist before combining retinoid medications and use of sunbeds.